Our Vision

Here at Elles Entertainment it is our goal to get the entertainers we represent to meet THEIR goals in rising to the top of their respective fields. By partnering with Ovid Media, Tom McKinney Studios, and many other top agencies in the Los Angeles area, our clients are not only given the tools and connections necessary to succeed in the fast-paced world of the entertainment industry, they shown how to use them. At Elles Entertainment we teach the artist the business aspect of their craft and help them to turn their passion into profits.


Diligence, hard work, craftsmanship, and skill. These are as integral to the artistic process as creativity and talent. They are also the “industry” side of the entertainment industry. Elles Academy of Performing Arts is Dallas's Premier conservatory specializing in the development of the next generation of actors, writers, models, singers, and dancers. We offer top-tier instruction by industry professionals in the full spectrum of the entertainment industry. We also provide each student with the exposure that they're not getting from major broadcasting outlets as well as opportunities to not only meet with, but work with heavy hitters in the entertainment world. In addition to a rich culture of professional and personal mentorship, our program provides: five classes per week in creative writing, marketing, singing, dance, sound engineering, and music theory, Bi-weekly master classes taught by top-tier professionals in their field across the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, access to the newest, cutting-edge resources such as computers, recording equipment, sound engineering technology , etc. Access to local and out-of-state performance venues, networking professional networking, a sharp, competitive edge in the college application process, and real-world industry experience and exposure.


Entertainment isn't what it used to be.Neither is casting. In fact, most professional talent scouts and casting directors these days pay more attention to who's hot on social media then on what your head shots look like or even how talented you are. It may not be right, but it's the reality. This is the era of InstagramFamous and Youtube stars. What matters most is how many likes, loves, re-tweets, shares, followers and fans you already bring to the table. And let's face it: If you want to make it in Hollywood, then you've got to play the game.

At Elle's Academy of Arts and Entertainment we don't just play the game, we make it our business to change it.

Our in-house team of marketing savants, P.R. wizards, graphic designers, and videographers synergize their professional strengths with your child's unique gifts to create just that: a powerful digital presence with a strong, streamlined aesthetic and high visibility across all media platforms.

And when we build it, they don't just come. They stay and beg for more.

So just how do we get our academy members in front of the people who can make or break their careers?

The answer is simple: Branding.

Your brand is what sets you apart. It's what brings together who you are, with who you want to be and who you want other people to perceive you to be. And in entertainment, branding is everything.

Our full-service entertainment agency believes in collaboration, synergy, and having a strong, passionate, positive can-do culture. We strategize with you every step of the way to maximize your exposure on multiple media platforms - that means we get you out there and make sure you look - and sound - amazing when we do.

In addition to our newly remodeled state-of-the-art facility that houses our theatrical classrooms, photography/videography room, and recording and dance studios, our one-floor office building also serves as the physical seat of our administrative and executive offices.

We keep everything in-house. Which ensures a smooth, streamlined, and extremely sellable result.